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At Tree Frogs the safety of your child is our utmost concern. That’s why we offer professional installation for all the equipment we sell. Our installers are trained to install your purchase quickly, and most importantly, safely in your back yard.

If you are concerned about safe placement of your play system or a sloping/uneven yard, we would be happy to have a Tree Frogs Representative come to your home (within our delivery area) to measure and to check for any issues concerning a safe install.

During the install, our professional installers will:

Help you place your new Tree Frogs play set so that it is a safe distance from any potential hazards. Such as tripping hazards, exposed concrete footings, tree stumps, AC units, rocks, etc.

Help you place your new playset so it is in the most desirable spot in your yard.


After the install, you should:

Never attach – or allow children to attach – ropes, jump ropes, clotheslines, or pet leashes to play equipment; children can strangle on these.

Check hardware such as nuts and bolts, monthly during the usage season for tightness and tighten as required. It is particularly important that this procedure be followed at the beginning of each season. Oil or grease all moving parts monthly during the usage period. Inspect all metallic parts for evidence of deterioration.

Check all coverings for bolts and sharp edges monthly during usage season to be certain they are in place. Replace when necessary. It is especially important to do this at the beginning of each new season. Check all knots on any rope monthly during the usage season for tightness and evidence of deterioration. It is particularly important that this be done at the beginning of each season.

Clean all plastisol coated chains, rungs, safety handles, trapeze, etc. as needed with a mildew stain remover.

Regularly check play equipment and surfacing to make sure both are in good condition. Carefully supervise children on play equipment to make sure they are safe.

Once you see your new Tree Frogs play set in your yard you will know why so many of our customers tell other families about the quality and safety of our products for years after their purchase.

  • For more information on a safe Home Playground, visit the website and look at Document Number 323 – Home Playground Safety Tips and Document Number 324 – Outdoor Home Playground Safety Handbook.*

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