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Wooden Swing Sets, Playsets and Forts | Serving Pittsburgh, PAWe are AMERICA’S BEST VALUE IN SWING SETS

Envision a swing set company that doesn’t ask you to compromise quality in exchange for an affordable price.  The full line of Tree Frogs swing sets are constructed with Western Red Cedar and Redwood.  These two types of wood rank the highest in dimensional stability among commercially harvested woods, which means they split less, warp less, twist less and shrink less.

* Our lumber suppliers promote and are committed to the following of responsible harvesting practices as outlined by the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI).

We make fun that lasts!

  • Fastener free decking to ensure your child’s fun time stays fun – NO NAILS!
  • Wood on wood, solid notched gusset construction provides superior structural strength to your child’s play ground.
  • All lumber is watersealed with a custom formulated, top quality water-based, child friendly stain.
  • Adjustable A-Frame legs with dual, heavy gauge metal brackets, permit placement in nearly any un-level yard.

Design your Fort to make your kids imaginations come to life!

With so many awesome features & play events, your little adventurers will be taking perilous journeys filled with shark infested oceans and tropical jungles crawling with lions, tigers and bears! Oh My! So go ahead and let your little pirates and princesses take their epic adventures, knowing that they will always be safe in your backyard!


Professional Installation Available in most areas. ALL Tree Frogs lumber is pre cut and drilled. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BOLT THE PIECES TOGETHER!

The Tree Frogs Warranty

See Warranty Page for more details.

Tree Frogs Wooden Swing Set Factory offers sales, installation and service of wooden swing sets, playsets and play systems through Authorized Dealers in  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding communities.